Health Solutions Corporation


Management Services

Innovative, creative, doable ideas…

We combine a keen appreciation of major trends and proactive solutions, translating these into concrete plans and programs to assist in our client organizations in responding to evolving demands and changing business conditions.

Health Services Delivery

Care maximized, cost minimized…

There are many settings where health care occurs. We make each of these components come together and integrate health care at all touch points.

Workplace Wellness Services

Right-fit strategies in step with growth…

We believe that good health saves money and effective healthcare saves lives. We assist in planning and implementing the right HEALTH BENEFITS solution customized according to company size, needs and budget without compromising best quality.

Consulting and Technical Advisory

Connecting the dots in health care…

Our domain expertise is health care – from management, to financing and delivery. This gives us a keen appreciation of the complexity of the care dynamics, an advantage we bring to our healthcare projects.

Our Story

Not just another health care company.
We provide you with Health Solutions.

HEALTH SOLUTIONS CORPORATION (HSC) is a first-of-its-kind corporation in the Philippines organized to establish, manage, operate, provide, deliver and integrate a wide range of health care services for its clients. Established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996, HSC started formal operation on January 1997. HSC has consistently utilized its management group’s combined experience of more than 100 man-years in health care business management and medical services delivery to deliver innovative ideas and solutions to its various engagements. HSC continually keeps abreast of trends in and out of the health industry to provide clients with a “customized” range of health management and consulting services that will be most responsive to unique requirements.

  • First to establish the Physician Practice Management Network

  • First preferred provider organization in the country

  • First in Workplace Wellness Services

  • First in integrated health care services

Our Philosophy

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